I'm a Danish-born Digital Designer and Photographer based in London. I love all things minimal and I find inspiration everywhere, from urban landscapes to architecture.

Here I list my current projects which I have recently completed and companies I have worked with. When you get a chance check out my brand-new blog imtess.com where Iist weird and wonderful things that inspire me.
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Times Online
The Times, London

2009 - current
I have worked at News International since November 2008 designing advertisements, website visual graphics, microsites and ad hoc pages and email mailshots.

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Flash CS4, Photoshop

Paloma Pargac, Website

November 08, I have just updated this site with new pages and new photos. Some great photo work here.

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Financial Times, London

October 08, I recently completed an assigment for the Financial Times.
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Killerpilze Shoot, Xpress Magazine Austria

August 08, I did a photography shoot with the band Killerpilze in various locations in London. My images were used on the front cover, for a large poster and double page spread.

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